Bishop Speaks


Dear People of God

It is with great joy that I announce the relaunching of the Diocesan website and the introduction of a soft copy of The Kingdom.

Good communication provides content for our prayers and it is hoped that the Diocesan website and The Kingdom will strengthen the bonds of affection in the Diocesan Church. These communication tools will help us to embrace our unity and celebrate our diversity.

I wish to extend my gratitude to the Bishop’s Warden, Mr George Mahlaela, for bringing together in a short space of time a team that not only helped with the development of a communication policy, but also developed the material to turn theory into practice. I trust that they will be well supported in their endeavour to bring us closer to one another through these mediums of communication.

These are your platforms to inform and to be informed about the life of the Church in the Diocese of Pretoria. Send George and his team your stories, events and lively photos electronically to share with the rest of the Diocese.